Dear Jack: Help with Noisy Sleep Environment?

Chapel Hill, NC – Sometimes it’s not your mattress that keeps you awake at night – it’s all the noise around it. And if you had to sleep through fireworks this past week’s Independence Day, you probably had to deal with this too. Here are some tips on how to keep a good night’s sleep, even when it is noisy.

Stop the Sounds

The first and most obvious step you can take it to eliminate this noise yourself. Sounds travels so you can do things to block it out.

Live in an apartment and have noisy neighbors? Move your bed to the farthest wall away from theirs. Also, place bookshelves, cabinets, desks, anything you have against that wall to insulate yourself from the sound.

This same approach can be applied in many ways. For noisy traffic outside, get heavy curtains and blinds for your windows and draw them closed. If you live in a house and the floor above your bed generates noise, you can put in heavy carpeting to soak up that noise as it travels down.

Also, by closing and sealing gaps around your walls and doors, you can prevent the travel of sound. This will also help with heating and air in general. has some good tips on how to do some DIY soundproofing.

Block the Sounds in Bed

While making your bedroom as quiet as possible will change a lot, you cannot stop all noise of course. If there is construction across from your house, you cannot exactly turn off their trucks.

One step you can take is to change your sleeping position. Sleeping on your back (and your stomach to a lesser extent) puts your ears open to these sounds. By sleeping on your side, you reduce the amount of noise you hear drastically.

Another good way to beat the sound is to just tire your body out. As says, finding the keys to a good sleep are very helpful. This includes avoiding naps, going to bed through a routine and stretching exercises to relax your body just before it’s time to lay down.

If all else fails, look into earplugs or white noise to try and block as much of the sound out as you can.

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