Best Sushi in Chapel Hill and Carrboro

Chapel Hill, NC – Sushi has become a fun, trendy and most importantly tasty meal. Lucky for us, the Chapel Hill area has lots of sushi options for us to enjoy. Here are a few of my favorites.

Chapel Hill Sushi

Spicy 9 has a full sushi bar with lots of options. This is more of a fusion style so it is not the most authentic but the taste is hard to argue with. Located at 140 W Franklin St.

Oishii is a traditional Japanese restaurant. You can get sushi here, both rolls and nigiri, but there is also tempura, teriyaki and more. Located at 1129 Weaver Dairy Rd.

Kurama Sushi is a small space with a very authentic feel. You can get sushi here and see the chefs make it right there, with the same condiments and setting you might find in Japan. Located at 105 N Columbia St.

Carrboro Sushi

Akai Hana is a stylish restaurant with all kinds of sushi, from teleost fish to octopi and shrimp. A good place to try new things, located at 206 W Main St.

Sushi Nikko is another small, quiet place to get some sushi, made by chefs right in front of you. And there is a free bowl of miso soup included. Located at 104 NC-54 N.

Photo by James Lee.

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