Seeing Movies in Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC – If you are like me, you enjoy going to see movies. When I was a young man, our only options were the one local theater, but now, there are many options for people. In Chapel Hill, here are the places to see movies, including some of the theater experiences you might not know about.

Smaller Theaters

Chelsea Theater is a good place to go if you are looking for smaller movies and documentaries that maybe aren’t getting into the big theaters. And unlike some independent theaters, they can play multiple movies at once so you always have an option, plus they serve beer and wine. Find Chelsea Theater at 1129 Weaver Dairy Rd.

Varsity Theatre is a special setting because it is a movie theater that has been open since 1927. The insides look very cool, it still has that classic feel and you can see modern and classic movies there. Find Varsity Theatre at 123 E Franklin St.

Bigger Theaters

Silverspot Cinema looks different from many other movie theaters in Chapel Hill. It is very large, has a restaurant inside, plus big, soft chairs. And you can reserve a specific seat so you do not need to rush there to find a good spot. And this theater has a wide variety of movies from blockbusters to smaller films. Find Silverspot Cinema at 201 S Estes Dr.

Lumina Theatre is a relatively new theater in Chapel Hill with a neat look. You can find newer movies here and it is located near a lot of restaurants and coffee shops, which means it may be a good spot for a whole event with you and your friends. Find Lumina Theatre at 620 Market St.

Regal Cinemas Timberlyne 6 is the classic modern movie experience. A big theater with lots of screens, a diverse concession stand, soft seats and all. Find Timberlyne 6 at 120 Banks Dr.

The Chapel Hill Public Library has free movie screenings, including family matinees. If you want to see a movie for free, especially if you have kids, this may be a good option. Their next screening is the Disney movie Moana on Thursday and Friday, March 30 and 31. Find Chapel Hill Public Library at 100 Library Dr.

Photo by Tom De Cort.

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