Tips: Shopping for a Bed

  • Shop Together

    You spend years of your life in bed, so bring your partner and shop together. That way, everyone’s happy for years to come.

  • Get Comfy

    You don’t wear a tuxedo to bed, so dress comfortably when you are shopping for a mattress. Wear a bathrobe over your street clothes if it helps you get in the mood.

    And if you do sleep in a tuxedo, by all means, wear that.

  • How Thick Is Your Mattress?

    Today’s mattresses are generally thicker than sets in the past. Take note of your current set’s thickness and how high it is above your frame. Thicker sets may be too tall for your headboard or too high for you to get in and out of bed comfortably. We may be able to accommodate your needs with a lower frame or foundation. So be sure to measure the thickness of your current mattress and box spring.

    Also, you may need new sheets for a thicker mattress. Today’s higher profile sheets are made to fit and are much more luxurious than those in the past. You’ll be sleeping a lot better if you invest in new sheets along with your new mattress set. Pamper yourself with a new set of sheets…they’re worth it!

  • Will It Fit?

    If you are considering a larger size set than you currently have, check to make sure that it will fit in the house – up the stairs, around the corner and in your bedroom. If you’re not sure, please ask us!