Are you thinking of getting a sleeper sofa? You might want to consider one of today’s new stylish and versatile futons. They are available in a number of sizes from a chair to queen size.

Most folks find that futons are more comfortable to sit on and to sleep on than a sleeper sofa.

When Smaller is Better

Do you know how much a sleeper sofa weighs? Futons are much more easily moved. They will fit in even the smallest and most remote room in the home since they can be assembled once they are in the room.

Choosing a Futon

Choosing a futon is as easy as one-two-three.

  • Pick out your frame style.
  • Choose your comfort level from over ten different cushions.
  • Then cover your futon with one of hundreds of today’s stylish upholstery fabrics and you are done.

Our Futons

The Better Sleep Store offers the finest futons and frames from these leading manufacturers.