Dear Jack: How Should I Wash My Sheets?

Chapel Hill, NC – We all spend a lot of time in bed, especially if we have a good mattress. But all that time means a lot of sweat and dirt and other filth gets in our bedsheets, so here are some tips on how to wash it out.

When Should You Clean?

According to The Spruce, a good rule to follow for cleaning your bedsheets is once every two weeks but this is only for the cleanest sleepers. If you bathe regularly or wear pajamas to bed, there is going to be less dirt and sweat and grime like that in the sheets.

However, if you sweat a lot in your sleep or you get dirty a lot, you’re going to need to clean your bed more. Also, if you have pets in bed with you, you’ll need to clean your sheets more often. Same goes for eating in bed.

Finally, if you have been in bed with a cold or flu, once it has passed, clean those sheets. This can stop it from spreading to anyone who shares your bed or even from re-infecting you. Make sure you use warm water in your washing machine for these sheets. Any other sheets can take cold water but if you want to kill those germs, warm or hot water is the way to go.

How to Clean

Now that you know when to clean, how should you do it? First of all, don’t cram all your bedsheets in the wash at once. In a report on The Today Show, they advise putting sheets in one at a time, only putting them together if they have a similar color or fabric. If too many are crammed together, they are not able to get clean.

Make sure you do not have your bedsheets wrapped around the agitator in your washing machine either. Because of your bedsheets’ size, it’s easy for them to get stretched out and ripped. Check the recommended wash settings on your sheets; they can wear out if you are too intense with them.

While your bedsheets are big, don’t make the mistake of thinking they need more time in the dryer. Use your normal dryer settings and don’t have them in there for too long. Good Housekeeping says your bedsheets should be able to last you many years but making mistakes such as this can wear them out fast.

And of course, if you have stains, pre-treat them before loading them into the wash.

Photo by Logan Ingalls.

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