Dear Jack: Partner Keeping Me Up At Night

Chapel Hill, NC – If you are lucky enough to share your bed with another person, sometimes you may have the downside of their tossing and turning at night. Here are some tips on how to deal with this problem.

Start With Communication

If you are having difficulties with your partners’ bad sleep habits and it is keeping you from getting rest, talk to them about it. Relationships are built on communication, after all, and it won’t get better without the two of you working on it.

Talk with your partner about their needs and problems. Find out if the restlessness is related to temperature, illness, stress or the mattress and pillows themselves. Then you can begin to work on making some kind of change.

Quick Tips for Deep Sleep

You may also need to change up your partner’s habits to help them sleep better. A study from Loughborough University found men are twice as likely to toss and turn in their sleep. This can be caused by consuming caffeine or chocolate too close to bedtime or spending time in front of “blue light” from a phone or computer screen.

Try carving out some time an hour before going to sleep without any stimulants. Talk or read a book instead to calm your bodies down.

Exercise Regularly

It may seem counter-intuitive but getting your heart rate racing will help you sleep better at night. Exercise and good cardio workouts will slow your heart rate down when you are not at the gym or going for a run. And this means at night, your heart rate will be slow and sleep will come more easily. But do not work out close to your bedtime or this will backfire on you and your partner.

And if all else fails, sleep in separate beds. If you keep losing sleep, you will get more stressful and cranky and that will not help your relationship get any better.

Photo by Tina Franklin.

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