Dear Jack: Rotating and Flipping My Mattress?

Chapel Hill, NC – You may have heard that you should be rotating and flipping your mattress but not enough people follow up and tell you why. Luckily if it’s mattresses, I know a thing or two.

Why Rotate or Flip?

You could have the best built mattress but over time, night after night of your body pressing down on it is going to change the shape of your bed. And then before you know it, you will have a mattress that is misshapen and that will be more uncomfortable for you to sleep on.

Also, make sure you know what kind of bed base you have as well. The sturdier and stronger the base is, the less your body will make the mattress sag and bend. The material of your mattress also factors into how much it can be bent and shifted around by your body during sleep.

And finally, check to make sure if your mattress can be flipped. Some will have tags and notes that say they cannot be flipped or they will word it like “No need to flip.” Don’t be fooled: this does not mean it is a superior quality mattress and in fact means the opposite. If you are shopping for a new mattress, find one that lets you flip it.

Rotating vs. Flipping

If you have the mattress stated above that won’t let you flip, then your options are limited. But for the rest of you, I recommend flipping instead of rotating your mattress. This will give you a more even molding to your mattress so it will stay together.

GhostBed recommends you flip your mattress at least every three months. But when you flip it onto the other side, you also need to make sure it is rotated to truly even it out.

Bring your mattress up so it is resting on its side. Then, put it down so the top side is now on the bottom. Before you slide it into place, turn it so the side that held your head will now hold your feet.

And moving your mattress around can reveal dust and trash. This gives you an opportunity to clean it up and make your bedroom nice and fresh.

Doing this will improve the lifespan of your mattress significantly and it will give you a more comfortable sleep.

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