Dear Jack: How Do I Find a Futon?

Chapel Hill, NC – Futons are a popular way to get a bed and a couch into one room. If you are looking for a futon, here are some factors to consider.

Comfort Concerns

With a futon mattress, it needs to both lay flat and fold up. A thick mattress may be more comfortable but be harder to fold up. Conversely, a thin mattress is easy to fold but you will feel the hard floor or the futon’s frame more easily. Keep this balance in mind as you shop.

You can find futon designs that balance these concerns. According to FutonLand, mattresses made with foam will be light-weight but retain shape, as will cotton-polyster. If you are interested in being able to fold your mattress up frequently, you can get an inner-spring mattress, even though it is heavier.

Also keep in mind that you have a number of options as far as covers for your futon mattress that can affect comfort and lifespan. And a good pillow is always important.

Aesthetic Concerns

First thing to think about is the room where you want your futon. A cramped rec room or office might do with a sofa but when you stretch it out into a bed, how is it going to fit? Figure out the dimensions of your room and what size and shape you will need. Decide if you need a lounger or a bi-fold, which according to FutonLife, determines whether it will be measured by width or height.

Next, think about the futon frame. How will it fit with the rest of the room? You can have a wood frame, metal frame or some other exotic frame some stores sell. But if you have a lot of wood furniture in your room, it will clash with a metal frame and vice versa.

And then finally, think about that cover. It can add a splash and mix of color to your room and may be the final ingredient in creating a cohesive set.

Photo by Andrew Currie.

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