NC Comedy Arts Festival – This Weekend

Chapel Hill, NC – My wife thinks it’s hilarious that sometimes I laugh when I’m asleep in bed. She says it wakes her up and the she starts to laugh at my “sleep laughing”.

I wish I could remember what I was dreaming about. I am addicted to Comedy Central television. Maybe I’m hanging out with my favorite comedian in my dream.

Since I love to laugh (both awake and sleeping, apparently), I am not going to miss the final weekend of the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival.

About The NC Comedy Arts Festival

Since 2001, one of the premiere comedy festivals in the country has been happening right in the heart of North Carolina. The North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival brings acts from New York, LA, Chicago, D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, and every city in between to perform, network and develop right here as the next generation of comedy talent.

It all started out as a college comedy festival and workshops called Dirty South Improv. It’s grown to become the first comedy festival in North Carolina and one of the mainstays of comedy in the South.

Who, What, Where & When

This three week festival began in early February and will last until Saturday, February 18th. This being the final week of the NC Comedy Arts Festival, one should expect a lot of laughs.

For the full schedule, artist line-up, locations and tickets, check out Improv Weeks official Show Schedule.


Photo by Martin Kimeldorf.

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